How to use spices in pastry shop

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In the world there are lots of types and varieties of spices, but those known and used in pastry shop are still few, such as pepper, chilli, cinnamon, vanilla and a few others.

Often you tend to confuse them with aromatic herbs, but they are two completely different products.

What are spices
Spices are vegetable substances, sometimes also defined drugs, which generally come from tropical countries in particular India, Indonesia and Indochina. The term derives from the Latin Species, was then transformed into spices during the Middle Ages and indicated those precious and odorous substances of vegetable origin from distant territories and that were used in the kitchen and in the medical area (small curiosity: the pharmacist was called "Speziale" ).

Nowadays spices are more widespread in the gastronomic tradition of the eastern countries or in those of Northern Europe. Here in Italy they were used in the Middle Ages and with time their use came less and less, also because they thought they had a magical power. The spices were also very precious and requested because they were able to cover the bad smells and the bad flavors of poorly preserved food: just think about the fact that in antiquity there were only salt, oil and vinegar to preserve food. This conservative capacity is given by the essential oils, which have a very complex composition, but in each of them a characteristic flavor or smell prevails that differentiates the spices between them.
For spices the different parts of a plant are intended, such as roots, flowers, fruits, berries or bark, though still characterized by strong aromatic elements. Spices are almost always dried and used in their original shape, ground or reduced powder.

Spices can be divided and grouping in different groups thanks to their characteristics: Taste, perfume, color, spiciness and freshness.

Spices are gluten-free

Spices being vegetable substances are naturally gluten, but some of them may not be guaranteed gluten-free because they work in factories where there is use or contamination of gluten-containing ingredients.

What are the most used spices in pastry shop

Among the most used spices for the preparation of desserts we find:

Cinnamon, carnation nail, arched anise, anise peppered, cumin, nutmeg, ginger, saffron, poppy, fennel, paprika, black pepper, pink pepper, vanilla, cardamom, white pepper, macis, horseradish ...

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